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Q  What about my family being recorded when using my vehicle for private use?

A  The unit is completely secure of unauthorised access and the data cannot be viewed unless an event calls for data recovery. In other words, no one can access the data unless a prior event has called for a data recovery for the time and date stamp of the event. Only the data for this time and date stamp will be recovered and the data will then be able to be used as evidence.


Q  Who has authority to see the data?

A  A requesting authority includes the Police, local authority (council), Insurance Company and any legal representative working on the owner's behalf.


Q  How does this work?

A  In the case of a request for data, on the standard system, the owner has up to 2 weeks to get the vehicle into a 4eyez authorised installer who will replace the affected unit with a replacement system - the owner carries on and drives away. The affected unit will then go into our evidential process and await a time and date stamp for uplifting of data from the requesting authority. The recovered data is encrypted and burned to a DVD and sent on to the requesting authority.


Q  Can I disable the video and audio recording?

A  No, the 4eyez BlackBox recorder is encrypted and locked down and cannot be accessed unless an authorised person has been called to access the data.


Q  Does the system work 24/7?

A  The standard system works off the ignition switch only which saves the battery of the vehicle from draining.


Q  Can I have a working all the time system?

A  Yes, these 24/7 systems are specified at point of purchase.


Q  Does the 4eyez BlackBox recorder offer GPS, speed and G sensors?

A  Yes, these are optional extras which can be selected at times of purchase.